3 Steps to help reshape your routine

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Step 1

Book a class! Committing to a time and day will motivate you to show up and follow through with your intention. We offer many classes throughout the week. Check out our schedule and book online here.

Step 2

Have a dedicated space for your practice. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but by cleaning up and using the same space you will begin to accumulate the positive energy that is generated from your practices. You will begin to notice that each time you come into your practice space you will automatically begin to relax.

Step 3

Invite a loved one to join you. It doesn't have to be every time you practice but it is nice to share the good vibes. Practicing together is a great way to connect and align your "moods".

Client Quotes

"I stopped practicing for a couple of weeks and started having aches and pains. Now that I'm back into my routine I feel so much better!" EH

"Having a regular practice has been a lifesaver for me through all of these uncertain times." DB

"I realize, now more than ever how much my practices has helped me mentally, physically, and emotionally."


Take one step and get back on your yogic path!

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