How long can you hold your breath

O Man... some days are just harder than others!

We’ve all had them... days we want to scream, cry, fix, or just lie down and make the world stop. Just stop for a moment so I can figure out how to make things ok.

The wave of the last full super moon took me for a few headers.

On the last full moon of 2019 I woke up at 3:30 am laid in bed till 4:30 then got up, showered, made tea left for work at 5:10. Class was great, but as the day went on things seemed to be hitting me harder and harder.

Each new “problem” was building upon the last and soon it felt like a tidal wave. Soon I felt like I couldn’t come up for air.

If you’ve ever surfed or swam in the ocean you’ve probably been “pitted” a few times. One moment your riding the wave, feeling elated, free and joyous, the next moment your tossing and tumbling under the water not knowing which way is up or down.

Your first instinct is survival, fight or flight, which is based in fear. You begin to struggle thinking you’ve got to save yourself and then the next wave hits taking you back down. You start to realize you have 2 choices waste precious energy on struggling or relax and know that the swell will subside and you will rise to the surface.

We all go through intense moments in our lives and whether your riding the wave or being crushed under it, each experience can be a powerful expansion.

Here is a simple breathing technique to calm the nervous system

3 part breath

This breathing technique is simple and very effective. (Not when your actually under water though 😆) It’s best to lie down but can be done anywhere.

Part 1- Start by breathing deeply in through your nose all the way down to your lower belly below your belly button. Important, allow your belly to expand as you breathe in. Exhale drawing your belly back to your spine. Repeat 3x

Part 2- breathe into your low belly, then let the breath expand up into your rib cage spreading it out to the sides. Exhale the low belly back towards the spine and the ribs closer together. Repeat 3x

Part 3- breathe into your lower belly and up into your rib cage and then allow your chest to fill and rise. Exhale low belly to the spine ribs closer together and chest softens. Repeat 3x

Catch ya on the next wave🤙

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