How will you define your experience?

You create your own reality. This statement has been thrown around a lot in the past few years, after the documentary "The Secret" went big. And it seems to me folks say it most when times are tough, which is exactly when you don't want to hear it! At the surface people took the concept as, if you keep you thoughts positive the things you want would come. Which is a huge part but life gives us many different experiences, all of which are neutral until you give them a definition. So how do we get to a place where we can perceive the positive in any situation.

A beautiful mess! I was rushing and in my haste I dumped 9 bowls of chips stones my first thought was well sh*t then as I stood looking at what I had done I noticed the beauty in the chaos my perspective switched to this will be a nice meditative crystal loving day

This is where energy work comes into play.

Many people ask me "Why should I have energy work done? I eat right, workout, what's the purpose?" The physical, mental and spiritual bodies are made up of energy, they vibrate to certain frequencies. The chakras are known as spinning vortexes and projectors. When a chakra is blocked that area of your life becomes disrupted and hard to deal with. This is a good thing! It is a gentle messenger,

For example; if the sacral chakra (just below the navel) is not clear and spinning properly the experiences of lack of financially stability, sexual balance and creative flow will present themselves. At that point you have an opportunity to start at the energetic level, to clear and bring vital life force to this chakra. If you ignore the energetic signs you may find yourself dealing with a physical manifestation of stagnate energy, low back pain, lack of sex drive, ect.

Perception is reality to the perciever

As I stated above the chakras are seen as projectors, projectors of your reality. And when balanced and clear when a situation occurs you will be able to not only stay clear and balanced with your emotions but you will define the situation with a positive perspective. Each time you do this momentum builds. You become more aware of your thoughts, toward yourself, toward others, and the definitions you are labeling your experiences.

Types of energy work

There are so many types of energy work. Many you can do on your own. Although it is a very special experience to have someone hold space for you.

Here at Sage and Stone Earth Dome I offer

Crystal layouts


Restorative Yoga

Pyramid meditation

Sound baths

Cranial sacral therapy

Ritual herbal baths


Gua Sha

Sacred Geometry meditation

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