Oh No! Not this Pose!

We all have them, poses that make us cringe, give us a little anxiety, make us feel less than competent.

But that's kinda like life, right? We are going to face situations and experiences that are not comfortable or pleasant.

But we can use these moments of irritation on the mat, which are usually not life altering, I mean who really cares if the back of your shoulder isn't touching the floor in your twist? So what if your heels don't reach the ground in your squat! What's it matter if my wheel pose isn’t as beautifully arched as others (all of the previous were issues for me at one time or another!) Truth is..... it doesn't matter! What matters is your response.

3 Ways to like the poses you dislike

(hate's a strong word)

1.) Stay in the present!

I know, I know this statement is preached a lot. But here's the point. If we've been practicing a pose, especially for awhile and we have either not mastered it, or we don't do it as well as others, or it has caused us an injury, pain or discomfort whatever the reason for disliking the pose we begin to build a story and view point about ourselves around it. Eventually just the thought that it might be offered in class gives you an uneasy feeling. You start planning what your going to do, maybe go to the bathroom, take child's pose, pretend like you have to fix your hair? I know em' I've done em'. Anyway, don't wait for the pose to be offered, the moment that dreading feeling presents itself that's when your practice begins!

Take a moment to recognize the memory that is creating this anxious feeling. If there's no actual memory attached that's ok.

Give a 1 word description of how the thought of this pose makes you feel at that time.

Take a deep cleansing breath, in through your nose and out through your mouth.

2.) Create a attitude of gratitude

Now in the present moment create a grateful statement.

“I am grateful for this pose because it helps me become more aware of....”

my boundaries

my progress

where I hold tension

my self limiting beliefs

my ego

my need for approval

Whatever comes up for you.

3.) Put it all together

When the pose is offered to you

Take a cleansing breath

Repeat your gratitude statement

Notice the difference in how your body, mind and emotions respond

Take it off the mat

Now try this technique when you have to deal with a difficult person or situation!

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