What if you knew the whole story?

A few years ago I heard a story on the radio. A man had designed a new roller coaster. The grand opening was a closed party for a select group.The only one at the party that new the concept for the roller coaster was the manʼs daughter.

She didn't know every little detail, every twist and turn but she did know the overall

theme. The first group got onto the coaster including the manʼs daughter. Halfway

through the ride it seemed like things were going horribly wrong. The ride seemed

to be breaking down and towards the end all of the riders believed that they were

going to die. What they didn't know was that was exactly how the ride was designed.

The point... when the ride began folks were happy and excited then when things

“seemed” to be going wrong people became fearful and panicked but because the

daughter knew the theme she sat enjoying every aspect.

How can we ride the roller coaster of our lives, through the ups and downs, the

terrifying twists and turns and still have faith that everything is happening just

as itʼs supposed to?

Here are some of the ways I stay aligned with my “hearts desire”.

•Developing a Sankalpa

A sankalpa isnʼt a petition or a prayer,” “It is a statement of deeply held fact, and a vow

that is true in the present moment.” Richard Miller

I had the pleasure of working with Richard Miller PhD, clinical psychologist, teacher in the

Advaita Vedanta and Kashmir non-dual traditions and creator of Irest, yoga nidra. Sankalpa is a call to awakening. It makes one able to direct consciousness through the chakras. According to Miller, a sankalpa arrives with everything needed to fully realize it. This includes iccha (tremendous will and

energy), kriya (action), and jnana (the wisdom of how to deliver that action). “These

are all aspects of the Divine, and they live within us. When the true sankalpa

comes in, we awaken these three qualities of the Divine,” Miller says. “You donʼt have

to ask where youʼll find the will to do it. The energy and will are already there. The

sankalpa informs us of the action weʼre willing to take into the world.”

•Yoga Nidra

The practice of Yoga-Nidra (yogic sleep) allows the Sankalpa to go very deep in

oneʼs psyche. Yoga Nidra is an accessible and powerful meditation practice. The

practitioner lies in a comfortable reclined position while being systematically guided

through the 5 layers of self.


An ancient Hawaiian prayer traditionally used in conflict resolution. In my studies I've

learned that this prayer was used to resolve conflict between individuals. A mediator

would hold space and repeat this prayer so that they other two individuals could come

to a peaceful resolution.

Dr. Hew Len was asked to treat a ward of clinically ill patients. Many of them had committed horrific criminal acts. The ward was out of control and none of the patients were allowed to leave the hospital. For the first few months Dr. Len did not see any of the patients personally he only studied their files and did Ho'oponopono. With in a short time the violence in the ward began to dissipate, the patients

were recovering and being released and a short time later the ward was closed.

I'm sorry Please forgive me Thank you I love you

When I practice Hoʼoponopono I visualize my higher self, meditating under a tree. I state the

prayer to remind myself that there are infinite possibilities many of which I may not have been aware of.

Iʼm sorry

For my shortsightedness

Please forgive me

For defining a situation in a negative way

Thank you

For holding space for me to find my way

I Love You


Earthing is a natural way to ground yourself. Itʼs simple and peaceful. Our bodies our electrical

first and chemical second. When we walk or stand barefooted upon the earth we are able

to receive the free electrons into the body. These electrons could be referred to as natureʼs

biggest antioxidants and help neutralize damaging excess free radicals that can lead to inflammation and disease in the body.


There are too many meditation techniques to mention here. But whatʼs most important is that you

find the meditation practice that you resonate with you the most in this moment. Meditation builds your focus and allows you to become the observer.

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