Which essential oil is best for savasana?

Savasana is a favorite pose for many of us. What could possibly make savanna even better? Essential oils!

So which essential oils are best for such a precious pose?

I believe that only YOU have the answer.

At the beginning of my classes, and my own personal practice, we set an intention. The purpose is to connect with our own intuition and guidance. That intention is the tool to understanding what we need physically, mentally, and emotionally, in this very moment.

How do we apply this concept of intention to the use of essential oils?

We can start by understanding the benefits of just a few different oils.


Roman Chamomile- Relieves stress, helps fight insomnia

Lavender- Calms mind and body


Sandalwood- Great to use in a diffuser during your asana practice and to help deepen your meditation afterward


Clary Sage- Lift your mood and energize your day

Lemongrass- Great for early morning practice or mid afternoon pick me up


Peppermint- can help increase your energy level, reduces muscle aches and pains

These are just a few choices in the wide world of essential oil. The most important part of this process is connecting with your guidance, honoring your intuition, and treating yourself with compassion.

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