Why should I take a private yoga session?

Yoga classes are widely available and there are many styles and teachers to choose from. Classes bring like minded individuals together and create "Sangha," community. The energy of a group breathing and moving together can be powerful. That being said, there are some very important reasons why you should include one on one sessions with a yoga therapist.

Lots of people lots of energy

As I stated above a group of people moving and breathing together can be powerful or it can be overwhelming. And if your just beginning it can be quite intimidating. During a class the instructor only has so much time to assist each individual one on one. The class has to facilitate the group as a whole.

Feels so good to have your yoga instructors full attention on you!

Your time, Your practice

A yoga therapist has been trained to accommodate yoga to the individuals needs in that moment. As we all know our circumstances can change drastically from one day to the next. When the teacher and student see each other, one on one on a regular basis they are able to build a personal relationship. This connection provides the instructor the opportunity and you the freedom to dive deeper into "your" practice.

There's so much more than Down Dog

A yoga therapist has had no less than 500hr. worth of training. But for many, yoga has been a part of their lives for 20, 30, 40+ years. And in that time they have gathered a wealth of knowledge not only in the physical practice of yoga and what it has provided for them personally. but in other modalities that complement a yoga lifestyle. Many yoga therapist are certified in things like, Ayurveda (yoga's sister science), nutrition, Reiki, Thai yoga massage, sound healing, cranial sacral, herbalist, and all sorts of natural practices.

Shirodhara treatment involves a stream of warm Ayurvedic oil steadily streaming over your forehead. Shirodhara brings about an unexpected sense of calmness, an immense feeling of relaxation and a wonderful stillness of the mind.

You will love your yoga classes even more

Don't give up your yoga class just because you are taking privates! Your private sessions will enhance your class practices. You will have a deeper connection to your intuition and a greater understanding of what is right for you in that moment. You will also have a mentor/friend in your yoga therapist to discuss what you were feeling or what came up for you in your classes.

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